Time is for those who stop

At 8:30 am on 2015 October 30th it was a chill and sunny morning. The seagulls were making nostalgic seashore sounds and it was quite tranquil. The little street of personal houses with  green, yellow and brown colored trees in their yards seemed still..

It was a work day so I was ready to jump into a usual work rhythm. Usually it starts with fast walking. Once you start doing that it’s like you enter a different universe where stillness is just a background.

And then a song came on my headphones that I would never listen – just because when you listen to it – you gotta listen 🙂

And then I felt as if I was a movie character –  walking slowly, seeing everything, understanding something that is impossible to express in words. The song kind of made me stop and see it.

There was an old man just standing at the corner of a street – doing nothing. It was obvious he was not waiting for someone or observing something. He was just living the stillness.

I used to notice those kind of people in villages or small towns where they just stand there and it’s not weird. It’s seems so natural when you look at them.

Then a thought crossed my mind – what if I would stand in a corner of a street doing nothing?

Once I did a short and beautiful exercise. We were asked to go outside, and stand in the street for 10 minutes – first with our ears plugged and then with our eyes closed. The purpose was to feel or notice this Other universe that exists beyond speed, sight and sound.

Entering this universe then, with a bunch of people doing the same thing was very normal and eye opening. But to stand there alone in stillness – I never did that before – except in a forest where nobody sees me.

I call it a way of meditation when you do nothing, think nothing and remember nothing. You just live and experience the stillness, the natural rhythm, the being.

It’s a moment when you have all the time that you need and this harmonious being and time has you.

And it is beautifull 🙂

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